InnoCoach Action Picture
« Innovation has many elements. InnoCoach® links them all together. »
Christian Bodmer
Dr Christian Bodmer is founder and creator of InnoCoach®, a comprehensive system for managing innovation. InnoCoach's seven modules guarantee a measurable increase in a company's innovation performance.
Presently, InnoCoach® is being offered as a project in which your company can participate to foster true innovation.
My Approach
Of course, we need to analyze the «state of the nation» at the beginning of the project – but only briefly. Because we want to reap the benefits of Quick Wins as soon as possible. Everybody involved works together; this greatly facilitates the acceptance of necessary change. First successes increase the team's motivation to continue and integrate additional modules of the InnoLandscape® system in exactly the way to fit your organizational patterns: «Your Way to Innovate».
Three in One
My background in engineering, business administration, and coaching allows me to quickly grasp technological issues, focus on the business aspects of innovation (making money!), and always remember that it is the employees that make it happen.
One-on-One Focused on Results
I personally coach you and your team so that you can quickly implement and get results. If we need more capacity, I bring in experts from my (international) network.
Systematic and Systemic
I pursue a systematic approach on the basis of the InnoLandscape's seven modules. During the project, we custom-tailor them to your organization's requirements.