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« InnoCoach® promotes true innovation in your organization.»
InnoLandscape® is a comprehensive innovation management system, consisting of seven modules. The system is based both on science and practical application. You start where you get fastest results; each module yields immediate benefits and seamlessly integrates into the overall system of the InnoLandscape®.
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«Your new products and services strengthen your competitive position.»
Your organization's innovation strategy builds the framework for all innovation activities. It is vital to check periodically the consistency of the innovation strategy with the corporate strategy.
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«Everybody supports the strategy.»
Roadmapping is the key to enabling your innovators to create highly marketable products and services – appealing to both your sales force and your customers.
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«Your well-filled innovation pipeline continuously generates new products and services.»
A strategically filled innovation pipeline assures a continuous output of innovative products and services; this is the key to long-term market success.
«Quickly identify and realize winning ideas.»
The so-called Fuzzy Front End is a most delicate and difficult to control phase of the innovation process. In many organizations, there is much potential waiting to be developed in this area.
Icon InnoProject
«Manage your projects to maximize market success.»
Usually, it is the project phase that requires the largest investment. It is essential for this phase to be completed quickly and efficiently in order to capture the largest possible market.
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«The cockpit to manage innovation.»
InnoControl serves as the key building block of an innovation cockpit to show you your organization's actual and anticipated innovation performance. This also includes early warning indicators.
Icon InnoCulture
«Your company culture fosters innovation.»
A consistent innovation culture ensures that new ideas are quickly transformed into attractive products and services.